Welcome to nature's work at its finest...

Our Turkeys and Cockerels are fed on our own homegrown farm wheat, which is blended with pure natural feed which contains no growth promoters, enhancers or anti biotics. The whole family is involved!


Bronze Turkeys are grown slowly and for longer, so that they reach maturity naturally.
They are free to roam daily in our spacious grass meadow at home. They are hand finished and hung after slaughter, which gives the meat a succulent texture and taste that nature intended.
Our Turkeys are all prepared on our farm and come completely oven ready with giblets and cooking instructions, as advised by ‘Kelly's Turkeys’.


Cockerels are a real super-hidden hero we think.
They are far juicier and tastier than your average free range chicken and can reach up to a whopping 14lbs!
Growing up in the busy Miles family, Richard reared Turkeys whilst his brother Will, grew Christmas trees.
In fact, our Turkeys and Cockerels can be seen from the 22nd November at the family farm which is now ‘Welford Christmas Tree Farm’. We started rearing Bronze Turkeys and Cockerels back in 2007 and we have never looked back!

Our Approach

We all get involved with rearing the Turkeys and Cockerels from day old chicks until they are fully grown some 6 months later.
We all take an active role as a whole family.

Buy Local

Our customers come back year after year and that speaks volumes to us. They are so pleased to buy locally and see our Turkeys and Cockerels running freely in the fields.
Customers say it was the “best turkey they've ever had!” (even those family members who didn't actually like turkey, loved our turkey!)


historically we have always been cheaper than Waitrose, the local butchers and M&S which always helps!
So treat your family this Christmas and order your Turkey or Cockerel from us - you won’t be disappointed!

We would like to recommend Welford Christmas Tree Farm for superb home grown trees. You can also visit, order and collect our Christmas poultry from there